Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday family time...

Saturday after the boys got home from working... we headed out as a family to first shop a sale for shoes for the missionary. It was an interesting experience, but somewhat successful, you can click the link on my side bar to go read about his journey under "Elder Jacob Dayley".

Next, my Strong Silent Mysterious Man had a gift card from his birthday, so we went to Cabela's. We walk in and the boys pretty much go into what I call "the zone". It involves allot of drooling along with a certain lack of patience to explain things to "girls" and not much tolerance for making fun of anything camo, or ignorance for sharp or bullet shaped things.

Then he took us to dinner... I have really been wanting to go to the new Cafe Rio here, but he was making fun of it and me, because I had never been. And we have a history of flops for trying new things. So this is him, making fun of me as we headed in... it's all he would give me for a self portrait.
So funny guy ends up eating his words!
The missionary and I did the Cafe Rio salad, and the strong silent mysterious man did the enchiladas... so yummy! A must have when we are in the city now!
Later, he had to go back to work and check on something in "the ovens".
He never sleeps well when things are cooking... just like at home, we can never leave anything running when we leave. It's probably a good thing.
But a definite role reversal, usually I am the worry wort... but in this area I could walk away with a dryer, dishwasher or oven running... and against his wishes, do leave a crockpot cooking sometimes... but it does make him crazy.
So Taylor demands to go with us. She only does this when she thinks she has a chance, mostly on the weekends. But it's a barking, howling, head flipping, bumping against your leg act she puts on and somehow it tugs at his heart.
Morgan is left at home over fur shedding discrimination.
Not fair, breaks my heart.

So we get to work and he shows me the shop pet... a scorpion. Really?? So gross.
The outside bake out ovens. I could feed lots of missionaries with ovens this big :)
Taylor LOVES to go to work with Dad.
She is really well behaved and stays right near him... inside the dark shop, she is a little jumpy, so she never ventures too far.
This is a 4500 hp motor... not sure what it does, but I did get the explanation that ended with a tone that made me feel like I should be super impressed if I knew what it meant.
And the rotor (I think that's what it's called) that turns that big motor.
Maybe if I saw a normal sized one, it would be more impressive.
He kept saying "see how busy we are" looking around at the floor???
Yeah, means nothing to me... I was thinking what is Jacob doing all day? This place is a mess??
Not outloud of course, just in my mind.
The missionaries tool box (he bought all by himself) and work space.
Dad was bragging about what a good deal he got on it. Apparently he wheels and deals well in the tool world so far, and how clean and neat it is inside!
His work space area, always spiffy too. I was proud and peeved all at the same time.
Really? Clean and picked up, without me being here to get after him?? hmmmm. Interesting information, you gotta love it.

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HeidiT said...

I love this post, I felt like I was reading about what I would have been saying on an outing with Ren. Seriously...from Cabela's to over-my-head, boring work conversation. Too funny.
Cafe Rio --- enough said, you can never go wrong with it!

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