Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ice Cream Sculpting...

This week the Laurel class (16-18 yr girls youth group) did an ice cream sculpting activity.
We talked about famous artists like Michelangelo who spent years of his life in quarries choosing marble stone that he would carve. He said that he could "see" what he was to carve IN the raw stone.
Marble carving is dangerous and the artist should wear protective gear as they chip away the parts that are not needed and remove them with their chiseling tools. If the artists made a wrong stroke or slipped using these tools, they could be seriously injured and cut themselves, or break a bone. If we slip, it could make it hard to get back onto the right path.
But just as Michelangelo could "see" the potential in the raw marble, Heavenly Father "sees" in us our great potential. He has given us tools in our lives (scriptures, parents, a prophet, etc.) to help us become who we are intended to become and has provided a Savior so that if we do slip, we can get back on the right path, and be healed from our sins.
We have to use those tools to help us "chip" and take away things in our own lives in order to become that beautiful masterpiece. We have to take away things like R-rated movies, profanity and immodesty etc.
It takes Faith to know that God can release us from sin, and sculpt us into His work of art.
But as we follow Him, and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and act upon them; and when we use the marvelous tools He has given us, we too can sculpt our lives to bring out our very best potential, and be who He intends us to become in His Celestial Kingdom.

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