Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend...

Saturday, the missionary was still pretty sick... so when my strong silent mysterious man went to work (it's his really busy season right now, working weekends) I took the opportunity to do laundry, clean house and take care of my boy!
He was actually that sick, he needed me.
As I reflect back, he hasn't needed me like that for a very long time. We were a little worried because of all of the "live" vaccines he has had this past week, and he was so sore and hurting. But I think it was just the after effects coupled with a bad cold. I had fun nurturing him! And he really liked me nurturing him too. Making him hot stuff to eat, and bossing him around to not get up and waiting on him.
Later in the afternoon, Jim called me and was on his way to the airport to pick up some parts that had been flown in for them. So I decided to ride along.
We took the parts back to the shop and he saw the owner there working on a big project and he couldn't just walk away. They were at a critical point in removing the shaft. He wanted to see if all the prep work, would pay off.
So he stayed to help. I waiting in the truck, and found some rags and tried to clean out some garbage and wipe it down.
Pretty soon, I see them all doing high five's. I guess it was a success? Then looking forward to getting back home to the missionary, he jumped in the truck and said he had to make an overnight run to the Portland area to pick up parts for a hot rush job. So we came home and changed into some comfy clothes, kissed the missionary and were off. I was worried about leaving him, but more worried about my strong silent mysterious man driving all night by himself. So we had a sweet family prayer together and headed out.

I could not believe I was this close to my family and wouldn't be seeing them. It was the fastest trip ever.
We arrived at the vendors shop about 12:20pm, they had left the parts outside, and we loaded up the truck and then were right back on the road headed home. It only rained while we were going through the worst part of the trip, trying to find the right interchange from the crummy directions I had, and rain and traffic (yes, at midnight... so much Sat. night traffic) and crazy drivers = stress.
The last leg of the trip home, we were sooo tired, and our eyes were burning. We kept having to stop and switch drivers. Each of us could only go about 30 min. before the hum of the road would start to put us to sleep. Just on the other side of Ontario, Jim pulled over with intentions of just laying down to sleep for a couple of hours... so I did everything I could to get a second wind and get us home... that was way too close to home for me to try and sleep in a pick up truck. Sounds romantic, but hum NO! So I froze him out and kept the window open, I rubbed some hand sanitizer just under my nose, cranked up the radio and put the pedal to the metal. I would have stopped if I felt like I was close to dozing, I just kept thinking, I could call Jacob and have him come get us! I wouldn't have taken any bad risks. But it was a hard long road trip. We came home and I was able to get some grits, eggs,bacon and toast on to cook before we went to bed, and I found this...
The sweetest mothers day card (it looks just like our Taylor), and chocolate and a gift card to dinner! So sweet, that miserable sick missionary, got himself out of bed and went to the store just for me. Most importantly, he remembered!!! All by himself!!! And what he wrote inside the card will melt my heart for years and years and years to come!!! So super sweet! I love my son! He makes me so happy to be a Mom!
After we caught up on some much needed sleep. We had a really special afternoon together. It was a nice Mothers Day, and the missionary seems to be healing and slowly recovering. I thought all day about all those missionary Mom's who were getting to talk to their missionaries that day... and how we would be there this time next year.

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Johnna said...

Glad you made it back safely and really glad that Jacob is doing well. Love you!

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