Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bloggity Bloop...

Okay that's not a word.
But it's how I have been feeling about blogging.
It's kind of hard to blog about random things now.
Because of all the hype and excitement of all "the missionary" news.
But I can't miss recording a hairdo.
It's a tradition. Breaking traditions... bad mojo.
No matter the funk, gotta get the self portrait, gotta blog it.
And this seemed blog worthy... the missionaries golf club program exchange thingy actually worked. I was nervous... was it too good to be true, buy new clubs use them for two years and then trade them in for brand new ones for FREE???
Well it worked, the new clubs finally arrived.
Just in time for him to pack them away for two years... snicker, snicker, he he.
Maybe he will have a few Saturdays to go play this summer, but I have a feeling if the whirlwind continues as it has so far. They won't see too many grass stains in the near future.
Life is good, even when blogging is hard.

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