Sunday, September 5, 2010

Something Shiny...

I have projects on the brain.
My "to do" list seems more like a big project list for some reason.
So to me that starts to mean one thing... overwhelmed!!
I am trying very hard to use some of the skills I have learned over the years to manage these projects and tackle them in a reasonable and NON overwhelming manner... but I find myself caught up in the whirlwind at times.
I tease "the teenager" that he is always starting something and then getting distracted by "something shiny" and never finishing anything. But I am thinking I better stop teasing him, I think he inherited it honestly.
The boys left early for the annual company golf tournament.Only this year "the teenager" is an employee, that is weird.
But it did mean I had the day to myself to work on "projects"!
It wasn't easy... at first I was walking in circles
I had to clean up the kitchen to start my canning (project);
but in cleaning the kitchen I ran across the calendar poster I have had for years and used to use it to put a months worth of meals on in my pantry (project) ... that I had taken down to update and help me with meal planning.
So I opened it up and began updating it... but then I remembered I really needed to clean out the freezer so I could make a list of what was inside of it so I could do my meal planning based on those things I needed to use in my freezer (project)
So I find myself out in the garage cleaning taking everything out of the freezer and reorganizing it back in (so I can find it) and making a list.
Do you see how distracted I can get by projects?
I did manage to get a few projects out of the way and the kitchen cleaned so I could start canning these...
But by the time I finished only one batch I was exhausted... gee I wonder why?
But see I still have a long way to go :)
Good thing Monday is a holiday.

It was all perfectly timed though, because the boys came home earlier than I expected and I was able to help "the teenager" update the computer with some changes he had made on his bank accounts in preparation for his mission (project) .... eeekkkk, that is coming up fast!!
While I didn't get my original project finished... it was still a very productive day.

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PaD said...

Jack use to tell me I was dis-organised with ten things going at once. I was telling the physcologist that we saw at the clinic that I just couldn't keep to one thing. I had 5 or 10 things going at once and Jack was frustrated by it. The Dr. told me I was very intelligent and that was why I had so many things going at once. I felt sooooo good. I told Jack later that the reason I was so discombobalated was because I was so intelligent and that was what the Dr. told me. He's never complained again. So, see. You're just very intelligent and can't be tied down to just one thing. Love ya, Mom D
PS happy birthday Della!!!

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