Saturday, September 4, 2010

Toasted Marshmallows and WHAT???

We went over to some friends for "treats by the fire".
(I can't really call it a smores party, I'm converted... keep reading)
I think I want some big rocks now, to build a fire pit in my back yard.
It was so fun hanging out...

The kids loved getting together and playing while the fire got to "roasting stage"...
including "the teenager"...
who had them doing tricks so they could see themselves on the camera. A whole new game invented right on the spot!

I was so happy he went with me... I just wanted to get out of the house, and my strong silent mysterious man was so tired; he went to bed early.
They had stuff for smores... YUM!
I was really happy that years ago, my brother taught me how to make the perfect marshmallow, even though I don't have the patients to make it perfect... I like them anyway, except charcoaled.
But still I know the secret to a golden brown one!
Thanks Ralph, not everyone has an appreciation, but I still do :)
And she had peanut M&M's to stuff in the middle of a marshmallow for a fun variation!

And get this... roasted Starbursts!!!
I didn't pay too close attention in science class; but I was pretty sure a starburst would melt off the stick and fall in the fire.
What a recipe for disaster when you have a group of small kids... can't you see the obvious outcome of tired children losing a much awaited treat into the scary hot flames of fire... that just spelled TEARS to me... and LOTS of them!!!
But NO, to my surprise, they were yummy... and end up (when you let them cool to the perfect temperature as not to burn the skin off the roof of your mouth) a little soft and creamy on the inside with an almost crisp, but not crunchy outter skin... YUMMMMY!!!

It's my new favorite fire roasting treat... I did have to make a regular ol' smore just to make sure... but yep, I went right back to the roasted starbursts.
And they are not messy at all.
So much fun, learned something new, hung out with my teenager without yelling at him. I know that sounds bad, but he has really been testing the separation into adulthood thing lately... it's challenging when he still lives at home and we have our own set of rules, THAT HAVEN'T CHANGED SINCE HE GOT HERE 18 YEARS AGO!!
Oh what a fun night out... I need that!
Thank you to our "Duck" family friends!!
They are big Oregon Duck fans; and I thought I might get beat up when Mom pointed out I was wearing a Washington Husky shirt (the enemy)... but their little girl liked the "doggie/wolf" on my shirt, it was cute... so I was safe!
And congratulations, they are expecting a new baby girl duckling in January, Yay!


HeidiT said...

Yummy! We used to roast starbursts at college bonfires all the time, I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder, I'll have to do it again.

Robert and Kristen said...

Sounds like a fun night! I just found out about the roasted Starbursts as well and I must say they are quite tasty!

McDowell Family said...

Thanks for coming over! The kids had a blast. And starbursts will always be available if you have a craving for them!!! You guys are awesome!

Donna Lynn said...

I can't believe that kid can jump on a trampoline with flip!

Beth said...

Lynn, He is or Oregon Duck fan... he can jump in flip flops because he has "duck feet"! LOL!!

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