Friday, September 3, 2010

Bragging Rights...

Meet my niece, Hailey she is an amazing song writer and has a beautiful voice!
And I am so jealous how well she plays the guitar too!!
(you should hear her on the piano.... over the top WOW!!!
Very talented young woman!)
I am so proud of her, and happy I can finally use one of my "bragging right tokens" as her aunt, on my blog... go check her out on YouTube at "Sometimes We Sing", and see for yourself!


Kristi M. said...

I totally love her style! I love that type of music and she has such a great unique voice. She's great. Reminds me of Adelle a little.

BTW: We are NOT those type of leaf blower people at all. :)We really need it to blow off our back patio of dirt or dog hair, take your pick... Or the driveway which borders our yard and our flowerbed nothing else...or the cobwebs on the house and bushes. We take ownership of all of our leaves in our yard. Our one neighbor has one small tree and that is it so it is clear who the leaves belong to. On the other hand we get some of the church next doors oak leaves which drive me nuts or the maple leaves from across the street if the wind blows right. I would be annoyed too if they were intentionally blown into my yard.

Beth said...

Oh phew Kristi... our friendship can continue. ha ha ha. I hope you know I was teasing :)

I Wish we had a modern day Robin Hood, who could go take from the unresponsible leaf blowers and give to the responsible ones :) I would have one on your doorstep right away.

That is actually a really good idea for those annoying cobwebs on the house and hedges and DOG HAIR on the porch.

Panda said...

Wow she is amazing!!!!!
You totally have bragging rights Beth *giggle*
thank you for sharing.. I went on You tube and found some more of her songs it was great to see her and know that Beth had bragging rights *giggle*

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