Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day...

It was nice to have an extra day to rest from our labors :)
We did take time in our morning routine to reflect on how grateful we are for all that God has provided to our family because of the honor we have to work in this country.
Blessings have definitely been poured out upon us; and we took some time to remember those blessings come from a loving Heavenly father, and give thanks unto Him.
After canning more peaches... my Strong Silent Mysterious Man took me and Taylor out for a drive and we found a place to look for rocks and arrow heads. And this time as it were, an old bag of pennies... we figured it was a sign to really show God how much we were thankful and increase our fast offerings at church.

It was a perfectly beautiful day... and even though it looks hot and dry like the desert that it is; it felt much like fall in the air. We could wear long sleeves and still not burn up.

Taylor loved it so much, she has allot of fun scouting around... but never really goes very far from either of us. I scared up a jack rabbit, but it got out of sight without her even seeing or hearing it... she did sniff around where it had been. She has a killer nose, but I am not sure she is blessed with any other heightened senses. Between all 3 of our dogs, they guard pretty good at home... she can smell, Morgan can hear anything coming for miles and miles but she is sniffer impaired... and Rudy, well the poor little guy had it all in his prime, but now he can't see or hear very well... but he makes up for all of it with his BIG bark!

Taylor liked being with Jim, but never let me out of her sight... so I tried to walk near him.

Then when I went back to the truck... and there was some distance between us; well she was having a hard time (or a really fun time) trying to decide where she wanted to be.

She would go to him and then fly back to me, leaping over sage brush with her ears flopping in the wind! Then rush back to his side and turn and come right back to me over and over and over again, until her tongue was hanging so low, I made her lay down and rest in between. But you could tell she was "on go" the whole time she was waiting for me to tell her she could go see him again.

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