Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready? Set?

We met with some of the youth group to go on a hike in the Owyhee's to get a gauge on if we were ready for our Trek in Wyoming.
It was a really good time and a great feel for what we will be up against.
My strong silent Mysterious Man was immediately off the trail and on the search for arrowheads. He probably walked an extra mile just back and forth off the trail. But a couple of miles up into the mountain, he said "even the Indians didn't come up this high". And he never saw a sign of obsidian or anything.

You gotta love the energy of the youth!
Off they go!

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man, the one that can't walk slow, the one that is usually 12 steps ahead of me at any given time in the store, on the street.... well he stayed right here by my side the entire time! So sweet :) He never left me.

The end was a sweet sight!

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