Thursday, July 15, 2010

The full circle...

My Mom gave me these photo frames when the teenager was really little and at the time I couldn't imagine them being complete one day!

Well one day is here and they are complete. Age 0-5 and Grades 1st - 12th. Just looking at each year brings to my mind so many things that we shared during that year, where we lived, fun we had, haircuts and clothes he wore, people we knew... so many sweet memories in a year by year snapshot.

It is bitter sweet... but I think I will pay it forward and make Jacob a Temple book. His first visit to a Temple outside on the grounds of the Seattle temple Age 7, His first temple trip for baptisms Boise Temple age 12, and then subsequent temple photos and occasions that he can add from here forward. Maybe it will create a desire in him to complete the book one day like it did for me with these photo frames.

That would bring a very special love full circle!


patsy said...

these are so awesome!
I can't believe that dark haired baby is so blonde now- why does that always surprise me?

remember that hair? he was so stinkin' cute! still is :)

you will always treasure these- but ya- it kind of hurts...

Megan said...

I love that picture of him with the cowboy hat! That's the Jake I picture :)

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