Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

The teenagers first day on the job :)
(he would NOT let me get any decent pictures... stubborn kid)

He has been looking for something outside of his window cleaning business,

the past two years he has not been as driven to go out and seek new clients as he was the first two years. At some point he thought he just wanted to work for someone else, managing his own, was not what he had imagined. It never is, is it? But after a few odd jobs working on farms and yard work he very quickly realized he could make much more money working allot less if he would have nurtured his own business all along. Great lesson to learn, but it was a little too late. His plans going forward this next year are very much predicated upon INCOME!

So while he was nurturing his window business, he would also need to have a full time job. And the few applications and networking he was doing, was not giving him any returns so far.

We have always encouraged him to have personal prayers and scripture study in the mornings. But this last year since it has been a directive given in relation to preparation for the pioneer handcart trek we are going on in July with the youth group at church; we have been pushing and following up more to help him understand the importance of it. So in this quest for work, his Dad challenged him to up that spiritual preparation, so he did, and within two days he had two job offers come to him... not ones he had pursued, but one called him and the other came literally to our door!!
It was such a huge testimony builder and tool to help teach him the power in putting that effort into personal spiritual strengthening. God is good, he knows us.
He started work this week, he rides in with his Dad, but works in another department, so they don't have to work together... whew! The job is not easy, he works outside in the heat all day, lifting really heavy equipment and searching for parts, and cleaning motors, it's dirty and it's very grubby, and very hard. But it is great preparation for our trek in July, he will be very accustomed to the heat and the hard work. That might feel more like a vacation to him know, in comparison.
It has given him a greater appreciation for how hard his Dad works. He is cutting him a little more slack these days, for not getting all the projects done around the house after he gets home from work. He has been wiped out when he gets home. He is so grateful to have this work! It was such a blessing.
Last night at dinner, I was looking at him and he already looks different to me somehow. His face is changing, he is getting tan, but it's more than that, he just all of a sudden looked mature for a moment. I could see evidence of a man... it was a very strange realization for me, but very cool at the same time.
He has started pulling away from me, or needing me anyway... he asked me to fix him breakfast on Monday, so we had a deal, I would fix breakfast and he would make his own lunch and clean up the kitchen. Then today, he said he was all good... he didn't want me to make him breakfast anymore.
His moods are getting better, the first day he was a total grouch from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed. The next day was much better and this morning, it was like a new kid.
As I smile and turn from my happy thoughts of a boy finally growing into a man and not needing me as much... I see the grass needs to be mowed and the teenager isn't home to do it.
Reality bites!
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patsy said...

You are such a good mom-
he is going to be one great missionary & he already is one good man!

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