Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Why there are there no journal entries?
Here are my lame excuses, or really what I've been up to.

  • My camera died that I keep in my purse to document the moments of my life, and I keep forgetting to charge the battery... sometimes it's just those pics I took that remind me of what to journal.

  • My strong silent mysterious man had some dental surgery done, not that he will let me nurture him, but I spent allot of time and energy trying anyway.

  • Sewing more trek clothing, (borderline professional seamstress now - minus the paycheck).
  • Worrying about my brother in the hospital with kidney stones in both kidneys. So thankful for Joanna, she has been there for him all the way. Today he is home and she is having surgery, praying for a quick recovery for her.
  • Trying to find all the little things we need to pack for Trek, sunscreen, flashlight, batteries (oh that was 3 trips to the store... long story, and according to my ssmm, I still didn't get it right, ugggg).
  • Walking, walking, walking... working out... I have actually finished each week and built up to week for of a series... lifetime first for me, I usually quit at week one. Drinking tons of water. My sis is keeping me going, we send subliminal messages "are you drinking?" via email... I love my Sis, what a great example to me!

  • Working, working, working... I forgot how tiring it was to work full time, my brain is fried. When did I havc time to cook and clean and do laundry?

  • Watching my house fall apart... I forgot how much I was able to get done working from home.

  • Meetings and more meetings... Ugggg!

  • Family night at the senior home in our pioneer clothing... that was fun. They are so sweet, they asked questions and the teenager was right in the answering most of them. He has been on a stake committee planning the pioneer trek, so he knew way more than me! I love going to visit the seniors.

  • Grocery shopping... I have bought more groceries with the teenager working full time than ever! He packs big lunches, and he eat big dinners, and hasn't skipped breakfast since he started work! WOW, and grocery shopping is NOT something I enjoy YUK! I am going every three-four days for what would last us two weeks before! He must have been eating out more than we thought... riding in with Dad he has no vehicle with him... so that might be a clue.
  • Tomorrow I am home all day and can really try and get things in order.... yay!
  • It's not as crazy as it could be... but just crazy enough.
  • The dogs are SOOOO HAPPY I am home, they have missed me working out of the house all the time lately... they are stuck to me like glue.

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patsy said...

working full time! wow- good for you. It's a tough routine to get used to!

Prayer for your brother & SIL- dang that is harsh!! both kidneys... double ouch!! my eyes are watering thinking about it.

I can't believe how brave you are to go to trek. I nearly puke after being in heat (just sitting) for an hour or two. Brett asked me if I would ever want to go to trek.. umm NO. I don't think they need a puking, heat stricken wimp going along??

I can't get over that jake just graduated??? it's mind boggling. what are his fall plans- is he working? going to school??

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