Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bring it on...

I have had so many little things piling up on me, that keep going wrong, it is almost getting humorous now (and so far for me, they have been very little). It is so obvious to me that Satan is trying to break me down by putting little road blocks in my way to frustrate me and see if I will break down, or lose my cool that maybe I won't go on this wonderful trek to Wyoming. I know that must mean it will be a great uplifting trip.

Just to mention a few... See the pretty little speckles of "OSHA YELLOW" on our dark grey car? Well that was what I found when I left work one day this week. They were painting on the back side of the building (which is a regular occurrence) but some how this time the wind changed and all the cars on the front side of the building were dusted yellow. They will make it right, but what a hassle, that I don't have time to deal with right now.

Another little annoyance, I had to deliver something for work yesterday, and I drove right by Costco... so on the way back, I thought I would just run in and pick up my contacts and dog food... that I HAD to have before Sunday and had no idea when I would be able to go get them. I knew it would only take a couple of minutes. When I approached the eye counter, the guy looks up my account and tells me my eye exam expired 3 days ago and he wouldn't give me my contacts. UGGGGG!! REALLY?? It was an ordeal, but I managed to get some samples to tide me over until we get back and I can deal with it then. And managed to keep my cool, but I am sure my frustration showed on my face.

Annoyed yet? Here's another jab... I got stung by a bee right in the face this morning. It hurt, but luckily I am not allergic, but the entire left side of my face is numb, with the exception of an annoying stinging sensation and a red swollen spot. Nice, perfect for wed youth group tonight. No pictures, palllleease!

How about just one more annoyance... I was trying to get some water on our lawn that is so thirsty since every has been gone working and neglected it. And I was on the phone and looked out and the "she thinks your tractors sexy" tractor had skipped track! It was spinning in now what was watered down to a big mud hole. YUK!
That wasn't the worst part... I went out to rescue it and I got muddy, then stepped in dog poo, then Taylor came out to help me and she got muddy feet, then she slipped in the mud and got mud on her side. Ugggg... not a problem, just so annoying. I almost never jumps track, why today?
It's been one thing right after another around here.
But, I am cheerful and happy.
So glad I have a sexy tractor and a lawn to water.
Blessed that I have eyes that need contacts.
And so thankful for a nice car to drive everywhere.
There have been so many more things, and I am sure there will be many more to come. But I know it is my trials that help strengthen me.
I know that I have help from God to face anything that comes my way, if I would but ask for it.
And he lifts me and comforts me in all things.
I am so grateful!
But this adversity stuff can stop now...

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