Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A walk on the greens...

As I got off work yesterday I checked in with the teenager at home who working on projects around the house for me... and he was finishing up about the same time and then headed out to play a round of golf (big surprise). So I asked if I could tag along and walk the course with him, since I needed to add some extra walking into my training for our Wyoming pioneer handcart trek and conditioning out in the heat etc. Much to my surprise he agreed.

So I got to be "flag girl".

One might think this would be a leisurely casual walk, but just keeping up with a 6'3" stride is a very fast pace for me, but on top of that he got his father gene's and has to do everything a "mach V" speed including getting from one hole to the next, so it was almost an all out sprint for the 1st 5 holes for me.

I didn't complain, and just caught my breath while he was golfing.
After all, that was why I went... to get the exercise.

Then we caught up to some older gentlemen golfers, and the teenager loves meeting new people on the golf course, so he asks them if he can join with them... they were super nice and welcomed him in. He is so good about introducing himself and shaking their hands. It is neat to see him growing up into a man. He has all the confidence in the world on the golf course and no inhibitions at all!

The two men step back and let him go first, he sets up his ball, goes through his lining up routine, then sets his club pulls back his swing and crushes it! I almost laughed out loud at the sounds that came from these two men... it was gasps, then oooos, then elation to see the ball landing right up on next to the green!
I think that might be part of why Jacob likes to play with new people... the shock and awe
has to be a real confidence booster :)That is something I love about golf, everyone routes for each other, you can compete and still be really happy to see another player do well. It was so neat as "the mom" to kind of stand back and just let him play his game, see him interact and how kind he was to his elders, and just watch how "in his element" he is on the golf course. I hope he always loves it this much!

Jacob loved this guys golf bag... it was a light skinny little old school bag that held like 3 clubs and he put it on a light weight roller cart. Just perfect for him to manage by himself.
I guess when you have played as long as him, you really can narrow it down to the basics so you don't have to pack around all that weight!

They had played 18 holes that day and when we finished up and said our goodbyes, they said they were headed back to their apartments for lemonade and air conditioning and a nap.
So cute!


Donna Lynn said...

It is cool to watch him play. I, too, hope he always enjoys it.

McDowell Family said...

I drove by the course that day and saw Jacob. The red shirt gave him away!

Beth said...

Yes, he is hard to miss huh?

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