Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stay tuned..

More to post from our spring break in Seattle... just trying to play catch up from being gone, it's quite a busy week.
Watching Conference talks we missed while we were traveling.
Calling the nephew missionary for our last goodbyes before he left for the MTC in Brazil Tuesday. Thinking about him ALL DAY!!! And his Momma... HUGS, HUGS!
Work, work, work.
Monday I managed to get ALL the laundry done, only to find the teenagers room looked like a hurricane again this morning. What a let down... shaking it off, shut the door and look the other way. His pig pen, not mine... he keeps it clean in cycles, so don't complain; choose your battles.
Plotting to turn all the teenagers life sustaining tasks over to him (like laundry,cooking, buying his own deodorant etc) after golf season, so he can begin to more closely prepare to be on his own, this will be a culture shock in some areas... I hope not too much, but reality tells me it will be.
Trying to finish my scripture challenge... I missed the goal to finish in March, but not giving up!
Special mutual tonight with the laurels, just got cancelled... so sad, have to regroup and punt now.
Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.
My kid is graduating, better get going on some kind of plans for May, my family is coming to town.
Friend had surgery, trying to be a better friend... I am failing at that job miserably! But still have hope that I can pull it together and help in her hour of need.
Taylor started limping last night, oh I hope she gets better without the vet.
Late getting out a newsletter... AGAIN! UGGggggg!
The teenager has a golf tournament today, sending up good vibes for him to have a great game!
Catching up to myself, slowly but surely... Stay tuned!


Lindsey said...

I still can't believe Jake is graduating. You sound like you are doing so well about it... I cry everytime I think about my boys graduating and my oldest is in 1st grade. LOL.

Looks like you guys had a great trip!

Beth said...

LOL. At least it looks like a duck on the pond, all smooth on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath. I have had moments of cryfests, but I am so happy for him, I fight to try and not to be selfish about it. I remember how much I was ready to spread my wings when I was graduating!! It's a great step in our lives... and I wouldn't rob him of all that fun and excitment and anticipation for anything. But it is hard.

Lindsey said...

Your a good mom :)

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