Friday, April 9, 2010

All "tyed" up!

Another big moment while we were in Seattle was when Ralph and Panda gifted everyone in tye dye!! I have wanted to do a post to promote her tye dye business for a while now... and I can't think of any better way.
We had so much fun with it!

They had something designed for everyone.

Sizes, and colors...
And styles...

They nailed it!So as we began to try them on...
We had to have pictures...
So much fun...

And girl power pics...

The family that tye dye's together, stays together...

The whole gang!!
Something kind of funny.... during the week my brother Jim and my husband Jim were doing most of the fix it projects. We would call for them asking "where are the GEMS" (brother Ralph had to work, or he would have been a Gem Sandwich, lol). And after they tye dye fashion show and pictures (remember that was HUGE even in the privacy of our own home for both of the Gems!! a tye dye fashion show... yeah right!)
But just afterwards, while we were all dressed in our tye dye... Mom yells out and needs something from the store. The Gems look at each other and both are willing to go.... but brother Jim says "NO WAY I AM GOING WITH THE TWO OF US DRESSED LIKE THIS"!!
Just the image of The Gems walking around all matchy matchy in tye dye shirts in Seattle, we were rolling on the floor laughing. (their shirts were the same design and color pattern... very "twin like"... and so without the wifey's with them... well you get the image he was trying to avoid) ROFL.
So my Jim put on a jacket over his and off they went.
Sooooo funny!
If you LOVE our tye dye and have to have one of your own before spring/summer... go see her website here at Panda's Treasures!
They make so much more than just shirts too... the cutest baby clothes and Jacob has a pair of tye dye deck shoes on order (I can just see all the golfers in them, when that trend catches on), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bamboo socks, they are the softest most comfy EVER, anything you could dream of pretty much they can tye dye!!

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PaD said...

Beautiful dresses. Panda does a great job. I love how she got your favorite purple. I don't know where to go to see her web site. I'll try and do a google. Love ya, Mom D

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