Friday, April 9, 2010


Krumkake` = A norwegian waffle cookie thingie...or just say YUMMMMM!
Mom taught us the art of making them...

"The batter needs to be just the right consistancy... that of; hmmm"

Pancakes? No.

Syrup? No.

Gravy? No.

"of Krumkake's".... gee thanks Mom, that helps.

And you will need a krumkake iron (I love the embossing on them) and rolling tool that comes with it...

And a "magic spoon" that measures just the right amount of batter.

And get lessons from a professional krumkake' roller...

And W-A-L-A!
Ready to full with yummy whipped cream or mousse or what ever filling you can think of!
The most important part of making krumkake's is to have a "quality control" crew on hand!
If one breaks, quality control must eat it!
If one gets flubbed up coming off the iron... quality control must eat it!
You must have quality control to make sure the filling is getting all the way to the bottom of the cone... only way to test that... well, yes, it's to eat it!
They can't be too hard, or too soft, they must be just right!
So quality control is a very important job.
So the fun didn't end there... thinking we were on a good role and getting all the krumkake's made to share with the big crowd for Friday night dinner; Mom left us to finish the job!
That was her first mistake.
Then for anyone who can fathem why you would want to alphabetize your spices... here is a good reason NOT TO! It makes it super easy for two silly girls to find food coloring when YOU LEAVE THE KITCHEN!!
It wasn't our fault, all the tye dye filled us with inspriation that couldn't be bridled!!

So we had some fun and figured out how to change up those plain ol' brown ones to make specials ones for St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day... really any color combo you could create, could be turned into a krumkake'.


And the tye dye party krumkake'
So fun!!!! And SOOOOO Yummy!!!!

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