Friday, April 30, 2010

PPP (Pre Prom Prep) Sen10r Year Edition...

I promise I am sitting on my hands and letting the teenager make all the arrangements, order, reserve, call, and call back in some cases... he is taking care of it all for his Prom. But I am the luckiest Mom ever because he is still talking to me about his plans, and even let me go with him to pick up his tux... and he has even asked me my opinion now and then on some things, but is still very determined to do it HIS WAY no matter what my opinion happens to be.
(I have NO IDEA where he gets that from.)
So "the date" (her screen name will be Rapunzel) tells him she is wearing bubble gum pink. I was super happy for the specific description because their was sooo many pinks to choose from. It took all of what would have been inevitable PAIN, out of the equation for us. Remind me to thank her for that!
Then Rapunzel, bless her heart! Had some trauma of her own (I really don't think these boys ever have a clue what it takes to be a princess) and ordered another dress online, that should be here today.... normally I would worry, but she "does" Nordy's, so they won't let her down.
So the teenager changed from trying to match up with pink to eggplant. Okay so that was funny too.... he wasn't worried about the change of color, but more worried about what it actually was?
So we googled it so he could see all the shades of purple, and now he is all educated on colors... he should be all trained up now for when his future wifey needs him to go pick paint colors!
Remind me to thank Rapunzel for that blessing too... how would a Mom ever train her son with those skills (and have him take any interest in it) without this experience.
The pinks and purples were enough to deal with, I was just sooo happy he didn't have to decide on a blue. blue ice, powder blue, P? light blue, S? light blue, cornflake blue... Seriously! ???

My next little hurdle was this sign! Now picture about 15 boys in a tiny store waiting to be fitted... my sweet teenager graciously invited me to go with him (most of the boys just went by themselves or with their girlfriends), and he agreed to let me "discreetly" take pictures.
I had kind of pleaded and played the sick Papa card... my Dad is in the hospital having a procedure to find where some internal bleeding is going on. I am sure he will be fine, but the worrier in me is desperately trying to get a picture of the teenager to him before they put him to sleep, just in case! I couldn't stand the thought of him not getting to see him before he goes to Prom... I understand it was over the top worry, but I couldn't help my little brain from wandering and my strong silent mysterious man is out of town and not here to bounce things off of, so I tend to be a little worse than normal.
So anyway, I get the green light to get a couple of quick shots, NO FLASH and get out... but they won't let me go back to the dressing room. So here is the teenagers MOM with him, in front of a million of his peers, leaning around the corner to get a picture of him to send to my sick Dad.
Yeah, it was right up there with mailing a package before I found the "good post office" and I didn't even get the pictures back in time before they took him in to put him asleep. But it is all good now, my Dad is out of surgery and he is doing okay.
So not to totally give it away before the unveiling... but a just glimpse, I can't resist... he is going black on black on black, with the eggplant tie (or closest purple to it).

I was really relieved he moved away from the bright orange "zoot suit" tuxedo... I guess Jim Carrey wore one in Dumb and Dummer and he LOVES that movie... so Phew, Rapunzel lucked out, because I was not going to fight that fight for her!
So now I am so excited for tomorrow night... I hope no more trauma for Rapunzel or the teenager and everyone has a good time.
I will try and get permission to post pics as soon as I have them tomorrow (if I don't get permission from the kids, I might have to go private, just so I can post the and share with close family and friends... so don't fret if you can't get on...just shoot me an email, I have been wavering for a while now, I am getting some weird msgs and visitors in other countries that I don't know).


Kristi M. said...

The tie looks pretty eggplant to me. Great job! So weird on the weird messages. I have been doing this for about 2.5 years now and have only got maybe 5 over that period of time. I am pretty sure they are just mass spammers and I always delete them.

Robert and Kristen said...

If you do end up going private I want to keep up on all you and your families happenings! Do you have my email address? If not just leave a message on my blog and I will let you know.

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