Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday...

I am getting in a pattern of posting about "just Mondays". Mondays have proven to be hard days for me in my recent past. Not sure why, some Monday curse or something. So for me to have a good productive Monday that I didn't cry, break something, yell at someone, have a family night break down, or some other kind of personal nightmare ... feels like a great accomplishment for me. Hence, why they keep making it on my blog if for no other apparent reason.
Today, I bought the food for a big (well big for me) senior grad night dinner this week.
I don't post about my church activities very much, mostly for privacy issues... but Ann is a fellow blogger, so she gets it, and agreed to do a self portrait with me. This will be a big and fun activity for me. I could not have planned this dinner without her... she is amazing and a great friend to help me through this one.
Senior Graduation Dinner = $2.31 per person;
Great friends who randomly volunteer to make rolls, bring dessert, cook potatoes, decorate tables, plan and buy the food, and be there at the event to keep me from having a crazy Grad Mom breakdown! = Priceless!

I also just took a moment to finally get my hummingbird feeder up.
I hope they still remember where we live, and I didn't wait too long.
I loved watching them last year.

And I managed to get some laundry done...
with some help... I guess there is really no such thing as a perfect day, right?


bgsorenson said...

Sounds like a job to get the senior dinner all ready. I hope it goes well. That was sweet of Ann to help you.

PaD said...

Good friends are a blessing aren't they!!! Glad things are going pretty good up that way.

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