Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter snuggle...

I caught these two snuggling! Rudy has been cold all winter, so he is resorting to letting the big dogs let him snuggle up to them. Yes, that is right... he is allowing them to love him. It is always his way; no highway option when he is around.

As a result, I think it is softening him and his nurturing instincts are coming alive!

He keeps cleaning their faces.... Morgan is really tolerant of him, but she does make gurgling sounds and grumbling noises... like she is really having to endure! She makes those same noises standing at the side of our bed when the teenager has sprawled out and she can't get in his bed at night. Like she is really trying to let us know, she is mistreated. She talks back and murmmers almost as much as the teenager these days, she has become really vocal.

It's so funny.

Taylor won't sit still this long like Morgan does, she will roll over and try to get him to play.. and lately he is feeling really spry; so it kind of works for her. Then it goes from a nurturing session to an all out rip roaring run through the house.

We just love our dogs!


Kristi M. said...

So cute! i catch our dogs snuggling on one bed outside on the porch often. Sometimes I think it is more out of survival and warmth than anything.

Donna Lynn said...

I wish I was there to snuggle with them.

PaD said...

That is cute. Looks like Rudy might have cataracts. Your pantry re-do looks really nice.

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