Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring cleaning...

I couldn't take it any longer... Saturday I HAD to clean out our pantry! I was gross! It needed a good wipe down, clean out, sorting and organizing! Badly! I wish my niece were here, she is the pantry organizing queen and I needed someone like that around. It has been such a painful process. Not exciting and revitalizing like I thought at all.

The teenager took everything out for me... no before shots, it was really that bad!!

I didn't think I was going to fall into my "Type A" personality over the unload, but when he got done and every surface in my kitchen and dining room was completely cluttered. I became type A woman again! Uggg! I hate it when that happens.

It wouldn't have been a huge problem if I would have been able to get it all done in one day. But that didn't happen... I went into type A overdrive and decided since everything was out of the panty, it might be the only time ever I had to paint the inside of it.

Again, not a big deal except, that took me all afternoon Saturday, I was at church meetings from 9am - 530pm on Sunday... so nothing got done and I wasn't able to finish painting until Monday.

Then it needed time to dry. So for 4 days my kitchen was out of commission. That has been rough.

Now everything I want to go back in the pantry is back in there and sort of orderly (I hate big ol' deep shelves)... and my kitchen and dining room is still a disaster area. I am not sure what to do with some "stuff" that came out, that doesn't belong back in there. So it is like I just opened a big ol' can of worms and it's growing amd I can't get it done and over with! Eeeeekkkkk! It hasn't been the good clean nice refreshing new feeling I had hoped for when I started.


The good news is... my spices are in alphbetical order now... that is cool! And there is no grody syrup or soy sauce dripped on the shelves anymore, or dog food and cereal spilt on the floor amongst grubby boxes of misc jars I kept meaning to unload. That part is really good!


I thought pushing myself to finish a project that had been on my mind for a long time would be a good thing. I thought just making time to do it was a good way to push myself. But sometimes it is better to wait for a good opportunity for these things and plan them out.


Bottom line, it is done... kind of. And even though my strong silent mysterious man never understood why I would paint the inside of a "closet"... I am glad I did.


Megan said...

Spices in alphabetical order?! Now that is cool! I'm always knocking other spices over while looking for the one I want.
Cleaning out the pantry is a hard job! I bet it feels so nice to have everything organized!

Donna Lynn said...

I could have sent Jerry to look at what's left...when is the last time you used it...if not...give away or trash. Don't over analyze.

Anonymous said...


It looks so good and painting the inside was so the smart thing to do. You need to proud of yourself and really take credit for all the hard work you did. If it doesn't go in the pantry then it needs another home and maybe that home is in the garbage. Cleaning and organizing - A girl after my own heart.

Love, Emily S

chloe said...

Good job! That takes a lot of deticated hard work! We did that at my house one time and it is hard having everything out of the pantry and all over the house. Your pantry sure looks beautiful. I have always wanted my own house so I could have my spices in alphabetical order. :D

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