Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ride along? Am I ready for the ride?

The teenager was out of school yesterday and went with one of the youth leaders in our church on a ride along.
It is one of the longest periods he has stuck with a career choice... I kept thinking (and praying) this too would pass. But if he is really considering it... we decided he really needed to go out and see a glimpse of what it would involve.
I just knew the paperwork part would detour him... but after I confirmed he had to endure a sufficient amount of that too... he was probably more excited about it that ever now. He didn't stop talking about it from the time he got home, until we forced him to go to bed.
Like I have had deep inside all my life, I have always tried to help the teenager know about himself that he could do and accomplish anything he wanted in life. So I would never squish his dreams of enter the field of Law Enforcement. But I will admit that it scares me to death. And just like when I try and picture him as a missionary, when I try to picture him in a uniform... I cry heaps of tears... I just can't go there. But my heart fills with joy for him to reach his potential and find his stars.

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