Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let there be light...

After what I perceived at the time to be a very protected childhood, growing up in a strict household, with good work ethic lessons taught at every waking moment I ran out from under the wings of my parents at like age 20 and moved to California... got a job working for a lighting company.
Something I knew nothing about... but not really recognizing it at the time I was given a huge blessing to work with designers and lighting engineers and be taught how to layout lighting, choose fixtures, design and install lights for various applications. Something that would later become part of me and a passion I would take with me into adulthood.
One of the lights I acquired while I was working in the business was this Italian blown glass dining room fixture.
I have packed this thing up and hand carried each pedal wrapped in towels from place to place every time we moved myself.
After years and years and many many moves, one of the glass pieces finally got broken... it was fixable, and it has hung in our home here for the past 6 years... but I had been looking for a few years to replace it. It was just time to get a new one. It really only looked great in the original apartment where I bought it to hang and our condo in Kent.
Honestly, it never fit in this house.

Santa finally just picked something new out for me... he thought I needed much more light... as the decorative ones don't put out much illumination.

So today the teenager helped me get it changed out...

It puts off much more light, and I love halogen if it is indirect light.

I like having something totally different.

It hangs down, but not very far the color is versatile... and it's modern with an old world looking pattern to it.

It just might fit my style here... I will have to wear it a while to be sure.

Now I have to figure out something to do with the old one... maybe something creative to do with the glass pieces???

Hmmm, any ideas?

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