Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I have priceless memories from my trip to SC!
I miss my brother.
I made a precious new friend that inspired me and made me just want to be better being around her.
It was special time with my mother that I will cherish.
I was lifted to a new level to appreciate my family and everyone that includes.
When I got home, my brother called and my Miss Dot lost her daughter in law suddenly to an aneurysm on Tuesday. They would have her funeral services on Christmas Eve.
I wish I were there to give her this big hug all over again!
She was on my mind and my heart was very touched and humbled over the holiday. How was she coping? Would I have enough faith if I were faced with a tragedy close to me? Have I lived my life so that if I were called to go home suddenly, that I would have no unfinished business?
It changed the way I was carrying my worries this week.

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