Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say Cheese!

Last week my strong silent mysterious man had a consultation with a new dentist. It went really well and he feels like it is someone he can trust that would help him work through some of his dental needs.
It has been years and if you know this guy at all, you have a clue about what a HUGE step it is for him!!

So here we are last week, before the appointment...
And here he is with the teenager today after his first official visit.
Yes, that is a smile on my husbands face... WITH TEETH SHOWING!!
Doc started with the front so he could have his smile back right away and then he will work backwards from there.

(what a smart guy, who knew that would be so important to him)
We are beyond thrilled about this at our house! After many conversations together as a family about this process for him, we came to understand that it will be a big step in rebuilding his confidence; and as his major support team we never realized that part of him hadn't quite recovered.
I can't wait to have our family Christmas pictures done!
"Say cheese" brings on a whole new meaning around here!


chloe said...

That is great! Uncle Jim's teeth look so good!

I LOVE the falling snow on your blog.


patsy said...

this is a BiG deal :) I am so happy for you brotha'

you look goooood

Beth said...

Thanks guys, he is so happy!

I know Chloe it's like being inside a snow globe huh... my secret all time dream!

chloe said...

Yea! It is like a snow globe! I love snow globes, I collect them.

Johnna said...

I am so thrilled for you bud! Keep smiling it really looks good on you.

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