Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey, apple, cranberry something...

I will probably not be known for my good cooking skills when I am gone... but I have come such a long way from where I started!
I still make lots of mistakes, like a couple of months ago I sprinkled Cumin instead of Cinnamon into a recipe... yep that was a big horrible tasting disaster. We finally figured it out because I had left the ingredients on the counter and while the teenager was reviewing what I could have possibly done, he found my error. I am sure this will be a source for belly laughs for a long time to come.
But I am not sure if that is a bad chef problem, or just a Mom in a hurry grabbing the first "C" spice I got to. Either way... I am certain "chef of the year" will NOT be my legacy!
(pretty sure you can't even make it into an honorable mention with flub up's like that, but I am okay with it and have lots of other happy places).
I have however had a few successes this week that are worth giving myself a Victory button. The young women in our ward planned a service activity to change up their traditional Christmas party. And they were able to go and do some house cleaning chores for a single mom. In the planning process they were trying to figure out how to assign everyone a duty and it was not a huge home, and we have a very large group... so in my infinite wisdom, I volunteered the 16-18 year olds (Laurels) to break away and come to my house and make some freezer meals to put in the lady's freezer to add to the service (sorry Laurels - they will probably ban me soon for always volunteering them for stuff, he he he).
They came, they put them together and they conquered!
9 freezer meals for this family in less than an hour (we had some ingredients cooked up ahead of time)!
When I joined my freezer meal group last year, I felt like every recipe I tried to make was a flop! But eventually it got a little better. I always felt bad for not joining back after summer. But life just got soooo busy. So this was such a great validation of what I actually learned, and was able to teach to the young women that they can use at any time later in life.
Oh how wonderful it would be in college during finals week to have a week and a half's worth of warm hot meals in your freezer. Or when you are a new wife to be able to devote more time to serve others because you have some meals ready for your husband when he gets home, or as a mother with children to have hot meals all ready to go when you get sick and just can't put one foot in front of the other, but still have mouths to feed. It is a blessing and a tool they can use the rest of their lives! And they were able to share it with this single mom in the process I love it!!
My heart was so full, and it was so rewarding to not be a "goon" in the kitchen in front of them! Victory with a big V in my book!!
At the end of the night, we came back to the church for hot cocoa and cookies (a big huge thank you Leah, that was a nice finishing touch), shared our testimonies of Charity and Service with the young women. And gave them these blocks. The previous presidency had started it with them and each yw painted a block her favorite color, or color of her room (but was never told why). Then we put the annual mutual theme on one side, and Sister Daltons 100% club challenge on the other.
They turned out really cute; it was another neat idea they had started that we had the privilege of carrying out for them.
My second victory was creating a recipe from scratch in my head. Oh I have attempted this many times before, but this one was actually edible and tasty!!
We had some leftover turkey... the inspiration!
I chopped it up and added a chopped apple... that just sounded good to me.
Then I decided to turn it into a salad... so I put in some lemon juice, fat free mayo and sour cream.
It just needed some color, so I threw in some dried cranberries.
Then chopped in a few pecans to seal the deal.
It is soooo good, and pretty healthy if you use the light sour cream and mayo and go really easy on the nuts; but load up on the apple!!
I know, this has probably already been created somewhere... but it felt good in any case.
I just have to come up with a name for it... turkey apple cranberry something?
Look at me, I am whipping things out around here like a true Mom!
5 months before my teenager graduates,
that gene starts to kick in... Figures!


Megan said...

What an awesome YW's activity! I wish I would've learned some good freezer meals back then. My sister-in-law spent a few afternoons teaching me some freezer meal recipes and that has really come in handy. You are teaching these girls life skills they will use for the rest of their lives!
That salad you came up with looks AWESOME!!!

Rachel Ann said...

Can I have some freezer recipes? I am the college student you mentioned that would love to have hot meals during finals but won't have time to cook like I normally do!

Beth said...

Oh Rachel of course you can have some freezer meal recipes... I have a binder full of them.

I will send you an email list of names and you can pick out some you might like to have and I will send them to you. Sound good?

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