Friday, December 4, 2009

Good mail...

From my office window, I can see down our street, and one of my favorite times of the day is watching the UPS truck as he makes his rounds. It isn't everyday, but at least 2-3 times a week. I guess I am the "Gladys Kravitz" on the block, but I love to try and guess which house he is going to stop, and imagine what they might have arriving. This time of year it is even more fun!
Today I was working in my office working on a grueling project for a client that was not going smoothly, and I looked up to see the UPS truck coming down the street, he slowed down, and stopped right in front of my house! It was for me!!!
So after I gathered all the barking dogs into another room, I flung open the door and saw him jogging back to his truck to jump in and drive away.
I looked down and at my feet was a box.
It was a long skinny rectangle box... almost like a box of long stem roses would come in.
I tore it open and found a Christmas card from the client I had been grumbling about even as the package arrived. Okay that was very humbling, I was glad there was no "package cam" attached to it to.
It was the nicest gift; a box packed full of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, and coordinating tissue paper. So cool. I have seen all kinds of corporate gifts, the hickory farms packs, candy, chocolate, pens... but this was so unique and very thoughtful. (or was it Kevin's way of reminding me not to forget his Christmas gift? hahaha).
For me it was perfect, because I am out of everything! For the past two years I kept thinking I went out after Christmas and bought stuff when it was marked down, only to find I hadn't done that. But by then it was in the height of the season and I would decide to get by until after Christmas and buy it on sale after the holiday. And so I have depleted my supply to literally down to nothing, I couldn't wrap a piece of gum at my house... until now. So sweet, and thoughtful, Thank you boss!!

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Lindsey said...

So cool... I love good mail!

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