Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last hunt, and Christmasy stuff... I might have to ease into it this year!

My strong silent mysterious man went out for his last day of hunting today. He didn't get a deer, but brought back a great self portrait to blog. (trained or what? If I could only get him trained on dishes and laundry)

This is the Bennett mountain range in the background (that is my maiden name, so he got a shot just for me).

While he was gone, the teenager pulled out the tree and got lights on it for me... he doesn't even need a chair now.

Dad came home and had to prove he could have done it without a chair too. (always a competition around here... if I were smart I would set up a competition for who could get it decorated the fastest).
I pulled out a few Christmasy things... and then had to take a break from it. All I could think of was what a drag it is to put it all away again.
I used to love pulling out the Christmas decorations... what is happening to me?
I feel like such a Grinch!
Mom, I totally need your help!!!
You know how I hate stockings on the wall... I am hanging stockings on the wall now... I need an intervention!

1 comment:

patsy said...

I just can't bring myself to getting out the decorations this year & I am so excited for Christmas! can we just not have ten tons of messy decorations please....? dang-

that jake is so darn tall- i can't wait for brian to see him face to face, or should I say face to neck?

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