Monday, November 23, 2009


A short week of school for the teenager. A short week of work for the strong silent mysterious man. And for me... well I hope to try and capture some much needed family time.
We have just been so busy and caught up in our daily lives, that I feel like we just need some quality down time together. Norman Rockwell pictures flash in my mind.
I have such really good memories from my childhood of this week of the year. And more than the memory of "things"... it is the memories of the feelings I experienced. The challenge for me will be how to capture those feelings for my family. I think I try this every year, and somehow I don't have those same memories as an adult.
I hope to try and do a few things this week to create some of those warm fuzzy feelings for my family.
I am so thankful for my Mom!
I love those memories.
How do you create them, and still have the energy or time to cherish them? I don't seem to have them as an adult, why is that? Is my memory really that bad? Or am I just too wrapped up in trying to create them, that I miss the point?
It's going to be a busy week for me to try and not to be too busy to enjoy the moments with my family. I am excited for the possibilities and potential!!

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