Wednesday, November 11, 2009

His first Elk!

Elk Down!

Jim was sooo happy to get his first yesterday!
I was thinking I would be the hunter wife, home alone for the week... but he got her on his first day this year!

It was really special when we were alone and he told me about his personal experience. He is very sensitive and said that watching something God made with his own hands standing there in such grace and beauty, and then to watch it fall dead in an instant was very humbling to him and he was extremely overwhelmed with emotion.
I hope he never loses that humility, and the sport never becomes about "the kill" for him. I hope he never loses the thrill of the hunt, and is always content with that and the beauty of being out in God's nature.
We will appreciate this meat for the winter, for our family (and if you know anything about Jim... for any others he will reach out to, that would appreciate and need it for their families). I love that about him, his heart is one of his quality I most admire about him.

She is really really big! He and his bff (remember the one who bare handed our 200lb pump out of a hole in a dead lift?) couldn't even budge it sliding her on the ground. Not a budge he said!
I have no idea how heavy that would be?

Good thing they have their own equipment operator!
I won't post all of the de-skinning photos, I think I lost viewers after the "Hershel the Deer" post!
But a huge thanks to his bff and family for supporting Jim and and guiding him and
teaching us so much about this skill and wonderful blessing that will be a treasure for our family for a lifetime!
I actually held the flashlight during the entire skinning, and only had to turn away and hold my ears when he broke the legs off!
AND... check this out... this morning I had to get a turkey rubbed down and in the oven for a dinner the youth are doing tonight, and I touched it without squealing or screaming once!
I am really on my way to becoming that
cowgirl, hunting country chick for sure after this week!
I love personal growth!


Rachel Ann said...

Number one: You, my dear friend, are losing weight.

Number two: I was thinking that the backhoe looked a lot like ous and then I scrolled down to find no other but my dear aunt and cousin sitting inside. :)

Number three: I think you are the coolest person I know. Country girl, YW President, Picture documentation queen, Mother of a sweet teenager.

Number four: Hugs!

patsy said...

oh gosh- this post is cool & gross at the same time...


Beth said...

Rachel... thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love and Hugs!!

Beth said...

Patsy, I really tried not to put so much blood and guts on here this time... just for you!

You would be surprised at what really hard things you are able to do for your eternal companion!

PaD said...

I'm happy he got his elk finally. The photo's made me cry. Oh well. Jack says they have to be thinned out or they would die anyway from lack of food. I'm glad you were able to do the turkey this year. You're a pro now. Love you all. Mom D

Lindsey said...

YAY for Jim!!!

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