Saturday, November 14, 2009

The family that sweats together, stays together...

My Mom used to have this plaque that read "The family that sweats together, stays together"....
growing up I always thought it should say "the family that plays together, stays together"! It rhymed and playing was much more fun than working! But it never quite worked that way at my house... something about learning "work ethic" (said with a sarcastic voice and finger quotes up in the air, followed by a big sigh).
So yesterday, when the teenager got a call to go load up the irrigation pipe he had pulled from the field last week. My strong silent mysterious man must have been feeling a little stir crazy from all his time off... and I just wanted to be with them! So we all ventured out together. My parents other favorite saying is "many hands make light work"... I guess some of that stuff just seeps in no matter how much you resist it growing up!

The pipes aren't heavy, they are just long and awkward!
I was secretly impressed that the teenager thought to face them all the same direction when he moved them out of the field... otherwise turning every other one could have made for a very long frustrating time loading them on the trailer. I was a good sport, and only squealed one time, when a mouse ran out of the end of the pipe as I reached down to pick it up.
The boys thought that was funny, but I was just relieved it wasn't a snake!!
Nobody said anything about critters out there, I wasn't expecting that at all, they are lucky all I did was squeal!

This is Betty, the old dog on the farm. She is so sweet and adorable, and soooo loving! She wanted to get out of the truck and help us, but she was recently beat up a little by the younger dogs... so she was hobbling and had to wait in the truck!
I was most impressed by Jim's bff and his backing skills... he backed that long trailer down the skinniest dirt roads without jackknifing it, turned it around on a dime without running over any fences... pretty impressive I might say!It was fun being together, getting a little dirt on my boots, and that feeling of accomplishment!

The view all the way to the mountains from both sides of the knoll will never get old to me!
Sorry you missed out on all the fun Rachel... I bet you have handled your share of pipe huh! Don't worry, I am sure it all has to be moved again next spring!

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Rachel Ann said...

:) I love you for sharing with me. It made my day... again. Although I'm honestly not that sad about missing it. (Just don't tell my dear uncle that I said that)

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