Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Eternal Companion...

I got this email from my Strong Silent Mysterious Man today that included this...

It is the sweetest thing ever! He is not really technologically advanced so to take a picture and email it to me with a note (most of his emails just have something in the subject line and no msg) is really over the top for him!
It is akin to me going to the post office to mail a package!
So much effort went into it, that you know it was totally from the heart, because it probably gave him a migraine trying to get it done!!
I just love him more everyday!


Lindsey said...

Josh sent me a text one day that said "I love you"... it meant more to me then anything he has ever given me. He HATES the concept of texting and it probably took him 10or 15 minutes to do it. I knew what that took from him and it made my day! Sometimes it is the small things.

Donna Lynn said...

I am truly impressed

Anonymous said...

Great job, Jim! Rack up those brownie points. DM

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