Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa come to town part 3...

After dinner Friday night we went back to Lucille and Waynes house, and Jim brought out the guitar so G&G could play us some music!

They said they were a little rusty, but they got right back in the swing of things quickly and were taking requests!

Egg suckin' dawg is always a favorite!

It is priceless entertainment, we all enjoy! I love that Jim's family is so musical. My family is but somehow I missed that gene!

Jim was thrilled that his Dad got to play his Taylor!
He really made it sing!

Then we got to skype with Aunt Connie and Uncle Bill on a mission in Mexico and wish her a happy birthday and rave about her birthday cheesecake we enjoyed without her!

It was such a fun time, we really enjoyed getting to see everyone and especially G&G for even just a quick visit!

We have to do it more often!!!

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Melody said...

Great memories are made of these. :)

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