Friday, August 14, 2009

Northern Exposure...

Thursday was our last day with my Mom's cousin here... they have some friends in Port Angeles they were going to stay with the rest of their visit to the Northwest. So we took them up to Snoqualmie Falls (all of those pictures are on my other camera I left at my Sisters).

Then we went to the little town of Roslyn...

Which was home of the TV series Northern Exposure...

Then to West Seattle where we were to meet their friends who had art featured in the West Seattle Art Walk.... more great pictures (on the other camera... uggg).
We ate dinner at one of the restaurants in one of the buildings my sisters company manages, so she had an "in" with all the connections. It was called Fresh Bistro and Oh my... some of the best food I have ever eaten!! What a treat!!
When I was reading the menu, Jacob was a couple of seats away from me... and began to be very worried as I read the menu... that he wouldn't find anything he would like or know what it was, here is a sample...

Vegetarian Fregola
toasted couscous risotto, market vegetables,
smoked goat cheese, vegetable puree

Fennel Crusted Halibut
sous vide caramelized fennel, sautéed summer squash,
goat cheese stuffed crispy squash blossom,
salad of baby fennel, limes, and micro greens

Grilled Peppercorn Wagyu Striploin
soubise, soy pudding, forrest mushroom sautee,
yukon gold potato puree

Rosemary Scented Roasted Poussin
star anise brined young chicken, lemon thyme pluot
gastrique, fried fingerling potatoes, roasted market veggie

Pan Roasted Kurabuta Pork New York
creamy white wine butter jus, caramelized chanterelles,
pea vines, pan roasted French fingerlings

Vegetable Quinoa Cakes
crispy quinoa cakes, caramelized market vegetables,
sweet yellow pepper reduction, Estrella’s tomme

Lamb Rack and Sausage
Port soaked currant demi, wilted market greens,
lemon thyme scented smoked goat cheese grits
and I knew he was starving! But I just leaned back and let him order. He ordered Sweet Potato and Dungeness Crab Cakes chipotle emoulade, smoked paprika and chive oil, micro greens and baby arugula salad with sherry vinny... and
Caesar Baby parmesan garlic bread, preserved lemon dressing, crisp white anchovies. (he did skip the anchovies though).
WHEW! He loved it all... now he is a little more cultured in art and food.
He had his own personal version of Northern Exposure.
He may never go back to nuggets and corn dogs when we get home.
It was such a fun day!
(I will get those other pictures posted soon)

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