Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seattle or bust...

Monday morning my wonderful husband got up early and took us to the airport before he went to work. He agreed to hold down the fort and take care of the dogs who would inevitably be a mess in the absence of all the hands of which they are normally fed. Poor him... taking care of sad dogs is the absolute worst! But he is taking it on like a trouper so we can go spend some time and help my family out with some things.

Again, why are they all of a sudden so resistant to the self portraits... I really only do them to have pictures of them with me.

We had plenty of time at the airport, Jacob was so excited to get going, it was hard to be patient. Nothing like Golf Digest to calm you nerves.
When we arrived we got right to work cleaning out the garage, getting the windows shining... I knew I brought the right guy for the job.
Then Monday night, my mom's cousin and her husband arrived, we went to the airport late to pick them up in the rain. It was fun to think of how many times we had driven to the rain in the dark to pick up someone at the airport.

Tuesday we went to the glass museum in Tacoma... such beautiful glass, one of my favorite places to see. We watched the glass blowers for a while, then I snuck outside to take advantage of some great archetectural surroundings for some senior pictures. I hope by the end of the trip, we might be able to capture some great shots. I am so excited that Jacob is letting me do his senior pictures. Think of the possibilities in Seattle, the views, the old brick bldgs, the water, the sculptures, the market... oh he might be sorry he agreed to this. I am really excited!

Then last night we all came together for some great food and family time.

Still messing with me on the self portraits.... ugggg!

I don't have a lot of great pictures of my sis and her husband... so I always keep trying to catch them together. Finally a good shot, okay I let him do a funny one to get it out of his system... then the battery went dead in the camera.... so this is all I got. Good thing for photoshop!
My brother and Sis n law.

My sis and her granddaughter... fun times!

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Megan said...

I'm glad you got to go see your family! That picture of Jake looks great...I'm sure you got a bunch of great photos!

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