Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing in Seattle...

One of our favorite things to do in Seattle is school clothes shopping... well I say "our" very loosly... Jacob enjoys finding things that are different than in Caldwell, that maybe nobody else has. Lucky for me I have the bestest sister in the whole world that is willing and very giving of her time and energy to take him shopping. It sounds all fun and games, but it is really a chore, he is pretty picky!!

But we managed to have some fun... even Jacob let us take some goofy pictures of him.

We also got to spend some more time with Miss B- aka Hollywood!

And at my sis's house, I got a little puppy fix with Roxanne... but she is deathly afraid of the camera and will go hide. So I tried to stick to kisses and lovin without getting pictures of her.
And of course the kid has been sneaking off to get a few rounds of golf in... or the withdrawls start kicking in if he waits too long in between games.
We have had so much play time, it's been fun to be with family and get to take some time away from work. I didn't get any pictures, but last night we played rook with my brother and Panda until I just couldn't stay up any longer. Such a fun time!

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