Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip to Utah...

Here are the photos from our trip to Utah last weekend...

This was a strange sight... it looked like he was going to take her down on the interstate. I was ready for the action with my camera... the budding journalist in me saw a story here.Darn, is that an airport? Oh, well I better keep my day job.
Jim's sis Patsy and Brett... so sweet and let us bring Taylor to their house and disrupt their dogs and the whole routine. It went way faster than we had time to really catch up.

On the way to the Temple... Ikea! I LOVE this place, I can't believe I was this close and didn't go in.

We made it to the Temple... it was so pretty, I wanted to capture the first moment, I knew it would be a memorable day ahead.

Some of the boys... I really wanted a picture with all of them together... we wanted to show Brian (the missionary) just how much taller the kids were getting over the old men.

Jim's sis Ruthie and her family... such a cute family.

Yep, he passed Uncle Clyde too.

The groom and the groom's mom and dad. Jim's sister did so well, I was so proud of her all day. I very happy occasion, but I am sure I will be bawling like a baby. I will have to remember her example, holding your composure is much more attractive... note to self!

Mom and Dad...
And all their kids and spouses in the Temple together for the very 1st time ever! (photo is missing Clyde, he was in the Temple with Marcus).
Patsy and her family... it's important to document each time and season huh... two out of the nest and Jack off to BYU in the fall.

Debbie and Pat... looking good you two!

And all the siblings together; 1st time for this in like 12 years!
Okay, that is way too long you guys!!!

These guys look like they are up to something...
Well that mischievous look must run in the family... and the boys get it down pretty young don't they.

I think he passed up Jack too...
And grandma has to get on her very tippy toes, just to get a hug.

The pretty girls, no mischief going on over here...
Speaking of mischief... after the Temple we went by the mall to kill some time before the luncheon and the girls went to See's to get chocolate... and then I found the boys here... Toyopia! So funny!
Ahhhh Chic fil a! This is my sis's favorite place... I couldn't even stop and get a sammy, it was right before the luncheon... sorry sis, you know I would have done it just for you!
The spaghetti factory! Yum!
Great food, good company... the perfect day!
Why didn't we think of the sucker earlier? I think this was the 1st time I saw this little guy slow down long enough to give Mom and Dad a break. They must be exhausted at the end of every day, he will definitely be a runner.
The girls!

We didn't get to stay for the reception. We went back to Patsy's and picked up Taylor, who had gotten sick out both ends in her kennel... so after an hour of hosing down, cleaning out and fumigating we were on the road. We went through Burley on the way home and saw Jim's grandma's old house. That was fun for him, he hadn't been there for 30 years or more. He was pretty proud he could find it again.


I hope we don't go this long without getting to see his family again. It was soo great to be with them. And especially a beautiful wonderful day to be with Marcus and Brittany.


patsy said...

Wow! GReat documentation here- i wish I could copy & paste it right on my own blog-

I love the photos- all of them- thanks

ps. we couldn't even tell taylor was here-

Della said...

Well, Beth, you did it again! Such a beautiful family and such an awesome time to share....I am crying and crying. Glad I am sitting here alone with no need for explanations. The happiness and thrill of the occasion shows in the terrific picture of Dad and Mom!

Megan said...

Love this post! You got some GREAT photos!

Johnna said...

It was a glorious day! I just can't tell you again how much it meant that we were all there.

Love you!


Donna Lynn said...

These are amazing pictures. I'm soooo glad you went.

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