Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laughing to keep from crying...

When people ask me about why I stay home... I usually tell them that I believe as a teenager my son needs me home way more than he did even as a little toddler....
Tonight pretty much firmed any doubts in my mind, that this statement is soooo true!
While working all these crazy hours away from home, today I actually had the mind to take out some chicken to thaw and during a quick break I figured out something I thought Jacob could throw together for dinner and if we timed it just right, it would be coming out of the oven just in time for when Jim and I got home from work.
It looked like a good plan on paper anyway...
The meal... chicken broccoli rice casserole.
You can make it without even having to cook the rice ahead of time... pretty simple directions in a 9x14 pan put 1 cup of rice, mix together a cup of water and a can of cream of chicken soup, pour the mixture over the rice, add cubed chicken, broccoli, top with shredded cheese and bake covered for 45min-hour on 350 degrees.
I talked him through the directions over the phone to make sure he didn't have any questions... just one question, what do I cover it with? not too bad... he sounded good to go after that.
When I got home, I opened the oven 4 min. before the timer went off... he forgot to cover it... I don't know what that means... but it was a small minor detail and there was no fire or anything...

From the top it even looked pretty good...
When I pulled it out, it was NOT in a casserole dish, but it was on a cookie sheet!!! WHAT???????
It was 9x14... yes I will give him that... but at not any point did it dawn on him that it was a casserole, NOT A COOKIE!!!!!
It actually turned out, a little dry because it was pretty thin, and didn't need to cook for AN HOUR. But I am just grateful I didn't have to cook, it turned out okay, and he didn't catch the house on fire.
But I have to say, I really had to laugh to keep from crying.... I have failed somewhere as a mother. He started to really get into cooking and loved to be in the kitchen and now it's like his brain is disconnected and I am afraid if I send him out into the world he will either starve to death or have to lie, cheat and steal to support a Taco Bell habit... either way, not good.


Della said...

This reminds me of a time when I instructed Lynn over the phone while I worked on how to fry cabbage for dinner. Trust me, Jacob did a terrific job. It is my bet that Lynn has NEVER tried to fry cabbage since. They learn best from the mistakes they make by doing.

patsy said...

this cracks me up-

if it makes you feel any better- I was visiting JOhnna when I was fifteen & couldn't figure out how to make jello-- :)

I think it's a teen thing-

p.s. it looks yummy & way better than the artic circle cheeseburgers we had for dinner!

Lindsey said...

That is funny! When I was about Jakes age my mom told me to cook something and the first thing she said was "cook the pan with the bacon in it 1st"... after about 20 minutes of me rummaging around in the cupboard she said "what are you doing?', I said "I am looking for the pan with the bacon in it". You gotta start learning somewhere, lol.

Megan said...

haha Chloe is here visiting and we are laughing about that story! I bet you didn't think you had to clarify on using a casserole dish. That is too funny! Still looks good though!

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