Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Camp...

Girls camp this week was amazing!

We had such a wonderful time, and I learned so much about myself this week. And I really learned about some attributes and patterns that I want in my life to have the spirit of God with me always.
One of my favorite times of the day was our sacred grove moments.... we would spread out throughout camp and have personal prayer and scripture time alone.
It was very sacred.
Another element at camp... other than all the smiles and hugs and treats and notes I would find on my pillow everyday from the girls.... was the sisters in camp.
Something about sisters really touches my heart...
(there was actually 4 of these sisters at camp... so sweet)
We have over 1700 pictures from camp... so waaaayyyy to many to post on my blog.
But I had to share just a few...
I loved getting to spend such special time with a great group of girls and leaders who love the Savior and follow His commandments to love one another.
It was a beautiful week and I felt Gods love and hand in my life all week!
I am so grateful and my heart is full!
Now I am ready for some much needed sleep!


PaD said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time and that you're back. I was thinking you were at camp. I decided I'd call today if you didn't show up. Thanks for your post. I love your blog. Mom D

patsy said...

fun times!
Your hair is so cute- love the t-shirts too :)

girl's camp is the best

Rachel Ann said...

Can you email me the picture of us and the C6 leaders? I got home and realized that I did not use my camera a single time up at camp. Not once. I don't have any pictures at all. Sad day. :(. So I'd appreciate it. Also thank you again. It was an amazing experience. One I won't soon forget. HUGS!

Della said...

So glad all the hard work came to such a delightful week for you and for the girls. Memories made that will never been forgotten.

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