Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Road Trip...

Saturday my strong silent mysterious man and I took the challenger on a road trip...
to Twin Falls :)
It was a multi-functional trip...
1) A great excuse to check the fuel mileage on the car and blow it out (what ever that means).
2) A Trip to the Temple (Mom-Jim did some work for Uncle Alton League, it was really special the day before Mama's birthday).
3) Serve some of those missionaries we love so much.
 It was a great drive down, music up, wind in my hair (not really, but it sounds more adventurous somehow)... sunny and cold, but the roads were dry and dusty.

(What is that sparkle of reflection on the top?  I didn't notice it in the photo until we got home. Cool.) The Temple was so beautiful and peaceful inside.
The back problems I have been dealing with for over a month now, totally quit hurting for two hours straight while we were inside the Temple... what a tender mercy.

 And Jim even stopped and let me take a quick photo from the front... he is usually Mr. impatient with my photo journaling.
 Then over to nearby Filer, ID to pick up a couple of local missionaries who made the trip to attend a baptism for an investigator they taught when they were serving in this area previously. (this is them squishing into the back of the car... which is not very conducive to passengers... but they were just so happy to be there)
I love how they come to know and love the people they teach enough to go through all they did to attend his baptism.  It was a big deal, to get permission (that almost never happens) and get rides lined up both ways, and figure out splits for their companions.
I love their dedication.  It was so worth the effort, they talked half way home about how amazing the man's testimony was and how good he was doing.  It really was a boost for them to see him enter the waters of baptism.
One of them could still be here in a year when he plans to go to the Temple and he is already talking about trying to be there for him then too.  So sweet, you gotta love missionaries. 

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