Saturday, December 10, 2011

♫ Dashing Through the Snow....

Thursday night was my work Christmas party.
We were all beyond excited!!!
We met at the office to ride together.
I followed my strong silent mysterious man into the very back of the Suburban... with NO other thoughts than "Doc will not crash us, he's a good driver!" (not sure why those were my last thoughts, I had never been in a vehicle with him before... but they were thoughts of comfort and joy at the time).

In good company, we got acquainted and laughed... then on the first turn I reflected back on my first trip to Bogus Basin   IT WAS A CURVY ROAD ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.
Yikes!  I don't do great on curvy roads.
What felt like a hundred miles (probably only 8) with the window down and freezing cold air blowing on everyone in the car.
We made it to the top... let me OUT!!!

PHew!  Land!!!  Sweet land!!!
(just kidding, I don't know what I was doing here... but my strong silent mysterious man was kind enough to take the camera so I could be in a few photos... he get's me, I love him)

 And a beautiful sunset!!
 I was all good.  
 Our initial hopes of going inside the cabin to wait for the one horse  open sleigh and sipping on cider were squished.  There is almost no snow, so the lodge was closed, dark and empty.
So back in the car, to snuggle so we don't freeze to death!  It was super cold.
 Cowboy "Dex" I think was his name, picked us up in the 3 horse open sleigh, even better than one.  (But try not to get a complex if you are super concious of your weight, that it takes 3).
 We snuggled under our blankets and rode back into the woods.
The sunset was amazing!
And the jingle of the sleigh bells on the horses almost brought tears to my eyes!!  For real! 
It's one of my favorite sounds now, there is nothing else like it, it evokes the spirit of Christmas!!!!  I can close my eyes and still hear them!!!
 We sat down for dinner created by the crew of 3 men behind a couple of swinging doors they referred to as "the kitchen", but from the inside of this "cabin" it almost looked like they were going out onto a porch and cooking over an open fire out back.  
We started with hot cocoa on the table and immediately served with huge bread bowls of broccoli cheddar soup.  It was warm and so yummy good.
Marlana and her firefighter, John.  See the bread bowl on the table, it was the softest amazing bread ever!!
The one time you give yourself permission to eat the bowl and everything!!

We were serenaded by the most beautiful guitar music and the singer... I can't remember his name. 
But he was really really good!  His voice was so easy to listen to and he had perfect pitch, and stayed in tune all night.

He joked about being "the one guy" in the cowboy movie that didn't wear a cowboy hat.

We also randomly knew another couple on the trip.
I really believe everything happens for a reason, not sure why of all nights we were on the same trip, but I this is what I secretly hope to have a glimpse of at the end of my life... the purpose of all the things that happen in our lives and how they fit into God's plan for us. 

Meet the Taylors... he is also the Dad of one of our missionary's really good friends.

After the bread bowls, we had an amazing course of perfectly cooked steak and smashed potatoes and prawns with tender baby carrots.  Wow!  From the camp stove out back, really?  I so wished I would have asked to go into the kitchen.  I was so curious.

Then during a homemade chocolate molten brownie dessert, Cowboy Dex told some cowboy stories.
I giggled under my breath because that I didn't think REAL cowboys wore "teal" shirts and silk scarfs, and every time he talked about wanting to be a cowboy when he grew up, I hoped that dream would someday come true for ol' Dex, but not happening in the silk bandanna.
I asked Marlana the next day, and she said it was true,  Real cowboys wear silk, its super warm.  Her Dad wears one.

I believe her, but I might have to ask a Real cowboy one day.
My missionary nephew in Brazil has a grandpa from Cody WY, he's a Real cowboy, I'll ask him!!
I want to hear it in person from a Real cowboy, so I can tell my kids.  ha ha ha
So he went around and we tried to find any birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate.
Boss and his wife are on their 34th year, awesome!!
(somehow they both even look surprised about it here, but it's no surprise to me... they are a great example of how to be charitable and loving and kind to your spouse)
And Marlana and "the firefighter" are celebrating 8 months!! 
 So they all got an anniversary potato.
I thought 20 years was doing pretty good, but we have to keep working at it to get an anniversary potato.
(a potato sliced in half with a candle stuck in it... not edible, not sure what the point was other than some extra heat in the room, ha ha ha)
So, about the room.  Yes that is a plywood, make shift hunting type temporary cabin.
But it was decorated so beautifully, you almost couldn't notice.
I always wondered how a bachelor cowboy would decorate his cabin in the mountains for Christmas?
Well with evergreens, pine cones and animal furs hanging from the rafters of course!!

What says "warm and homey by the fire at Christmas" more than that?
You know, snow shoes, cowboy hat, evergreen swag, fox... check!
My favorite was the big lit wreath, the flash really enhances the plywood effect, but in the darkly dim lit room, it wasn't like that.  It was so beautiful!!

 It was really a wonderful night, such great company, we could hang out with these four anytime!!
I have mentioned how much I LOVE my job and this is partly why, all of them!
Doc and Marlana are a given, we just click.  I still just know enough to be dangerous at work, but they hold my hand and help me along the way and boost me when I need a little confidence, and laugh at my knowledge knocks when I learn something the hard way.  I couldn't ask for anything better.
 I get to see boss's wife all the time, she is one of my dearest friends.  She completes me.
And I get to hear about all the adventures of living with a fire fighter because, well they are still newlyweds, so she swoons over him and rightfully so, he is a hunk and a really good guy!!

 The ride back to our cars was just as cold as the ride in.  But Somehow I didn't seem to mind.  It was really romantic and fun and I didn't want the night to end.
 Cowboy let us take pictures of the horses, they were the real stars of the night.
And remember I said things don't just happen out of coincidence?
Well the two horses on the outside... all dressed in their "black".
Well one was named Jake, and the other Jack!!!!!!!!
Yep, I could have cried!  The names of my two favorite missionaries!!
And it was a real sleigh... not wheels like we thought when we saw how little snow there was.
It was such a beautiful night, a really delicious dinner, I mentioned the wonderful company and the atmosphere was amazing.  
A super good time was had by all!!
I will leave out the details of the windy curvy ride back home, where we DID indeed have to pull over and get out of the car for the sick and weary.  But at least I wasn't alone... see what a good friend I have to work with :)  Yeah, I won't mention that part, it was still an awesome night!!
**Update... it was "Cowboy Stew" (not joking).  And the musician's name was Dan Costello.  Thanks to my strong silent mysterious man with the steel trap memory :)

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