Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas good mail...

Since I have been working, Jim usually picks up the mail before me... but on Thursdays I am off earlier in the day and I get the mail.  I really look forward to it!!
I LOVE good mail and near birthdays (it doesn't even have to be my birthday) and Christmas I really get excited going to the mailbox.

Yesterday, I we got some really good mail!
The packaging, So darn cute!
Peppermint goes Priority Mail... Perfect!!
 Taylor was trying to convince me that the spotted dog on the front meant they were for HER!
But I knew better :)
Don't they sound super yummy... it was all I could do to wait on my strong silent mysterious man to get home to open them!
So wonderful, what a great package!!!
Thanks Messer Family, we love you!!!

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HeidiT said...

Good mail is the best! I had three packages arrive this week and even though I knew what they were because I ordered them and they were boring things like tires and makeup, I was still super excited to see if they were here everyday,ha!

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