Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time is flying...

Since the missionary left Utah for Paraguay, he has been on my mind.
It's been hard to focus on much else.
I don't worry so much, because everything he writes and all the pictures he sends have been so wonderful and my heart is really at peace.  
But.... I miss him!
I miss him so much sometimes it hurts .
I am so happy his adult life is beginning with this beautiful journey of service... but I still miss him.
I have been able to stay busy, and that makes the time FLY by... I can't believe he will have been in Paraguay for two weeks tomorrow already!!!
So here is a summary of a few clips of the past two weeks....
Serving with the missionaries.... that always makes my heart full.
 We raked leaves... it ended up being a full day of leaf raking with a trailer full of bags of leaves... which left me with a pinched nerve or something in my back.  I am dealing with that later today finally, but been a gimp for the past two weeks.  AHhhhhhh!!!!!!!
 A visit from our Duck family!
With early condolence pictures for the slaughter that would occur later that night.
And puppy chow!  (aka muddy buddies... with a twist of nuts and m&m's YUM)

 And her new fuchie face!  ha ha ha ha
 I had a birthday and was showered with gifts... if I smell like a big satsuma orange, this is why!
 New boots!
 Adorably cute!

 Some specialty hot cocoa mix... I broke into the pkg and drank the vanilla marshmallow with my strong silent mysterious man before we got a picture of the whole pkg. wrapped. 
So cute, so perfect.... it has been hot cocoa weather.

 And whole wheat waffles... it was a gift to myself. 
My strong silent mysterious man takes it so serious when you say you don't really "need" anything for your birthday.  Remind me not to use those words again.
 We went out and voted...
 I asked him if this is how he felt about voting, he said "no this is how I feel about self portraits".
And I have a whole photo story of my travels to Emmett twice a month for work... I will save those for another post.  But it is safe to say I LOVE MY JOB!!  

We were rewarded for all the leaf raking with a trip to see our neighbors daughter sing at the jazz cafe with the missionaries.

 It was awesome!  If you don't think you like jazz music, but have an opportunity to go listen, even to music students... GO!!! You will love it.
 This place was called "The Blue Door" and it reminded me of the movie... Monsters Inc.
 With doors hanging from the ceiling.
And if you go read the missionaries blog, you will see we have gotten the best letters and pictures from him.
He sounds wonderful and if I stay busy enough, the next two years will be gone in a flash!
It's been a wonderful couple of weeks. 
I always feel so special on my birthday.
I love fall weather.
If I can get my back fixed today, I will be in GREAT shape to keep blogging!

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{emily} said...

LOVE the new boots! I've been dying for a pair of Ugg boots- lucky you! I bet those came at just the right time. [:

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