Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's beginning to look allot like Christmas....

Last Friday when I got to work, it was hard to concentrate, Marlana and I both LOVE the snow...
And it was snowing like crazy right outside our window.
It was so beautiful!!  (focus, focus, focus)
Then Friday night when we got home from working all day, I tried to convince my strong silent mysterious man that we needed to go downtown and see the tree lighting.
He gave me his annual no way, you go ahead.
So I found some friends that were taking their 
daughter and friends that were over for a birthday party... perfect!  
So I tagged along, I love good friends!

Before we got to the lights, we ran into Santa and unlike my son when he was a teenager, these girls WANTED their picture with him :)  Yay!!!  
You would think this was building to sights of beautiful lights... but no.  I only managed to get a ton of blurred photos.  Not sure what happened, I tried every setting on my little instant camera, and they were bad and worse.  
Just trust me when I say the lights were beautiful and there were tons of them.
If you could see them, this would be walking through them across the bridge...
And along the water..
And I have no idea why I can't get these pictures turned, this is a new problem I have never had troubles with before.
More teenage girls...
And dark blurred pictures...
Okay... under protest I will throw in a self portrait...
And a side ways picture that fought to stay that way... 
But don't we all look warm and cozy with our hot cocoa cups and gloves and hats.

This would have been the best picture, if it were clear... I wanted to steal her cute kitten hat off her head all night.  But held myself back from being the creepy hat stealing tag along friend :)
This is a waterfall of lights, if you could see it.
And our dear friend at the train depot all dressed up in his top hat (must have been one of Santa's body guards?)
And I big ol' full sized camel!!!  What???
And a real reindeer!!  So cool!
Plus some other random critters that I have to ooh and aww and take a picture and move on, or I will want to take them all home with me. 
Wouldn't he fit right in at my house?  I think yes!
And a baby camel... so pretty, super soft, but we heard kind of temperamental... I can resist taking him home, I definitely don't need temperamental at my house.   But so adorable.
I really good time was had by all, except the strong silent mysterious man who never knows what he is missing out on.

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