Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music to my ears...

Tuesday night I went with Marlana and her daughter to listen to the honors band and choir perform.
Her son AJ!  He is so awesome, he reminds me of my missionary, handsome, but not gloaty about it.  A great attitude and willing to work hard to get what he wants.  Big hearted and loves to help others.
Just a really good kid.
I loved being there and finally seeing so many of the kids from our church perform.
They work so hard!  
They practice, and practice, and set goals to keep getting better.
And they are so deligent and comitted.
A super great group of kids.
Not to mention the music was BEAUTIFUL!!
You could feel it in your soul.
Their voices so amazing... and so united.

Especially for only a few days of joining together from different schools in the same community and practicing a few short days before the performance.
Did I tell you beautiful!!
The leaders were so wonderful about really honoring these elite students.
They really deserve praise for their accomplishments...
They work very hard.
I wish I could have gotten sound to these photos... 
Really amazing...

It was so nice to be still and listen!
A wonderful evening... so nice to share with friends, filled my heart and just the preparation one needs to jump start into the Holiday season.

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