Friday, November 4, 2011

There is a new missionary in town...

Running on pure adrenaline the past two days, I am officially exhausted (emotional drain, I can't imagine how those missionaries feel right now?).
Two phone calls later, we talked, I got to tell him how much I love him!!
I got to hear how much he loves us!!  A few funny stories, a little bit of Spanish and some sniffling tears of joy!

The missionary should have been in Paraguay about 30 min ago!!!

If all went well with the last flight. I was able to find all his flights and check on them and the weather all the way to Brazil... not one delay (is that weird that I stalked him all the way down?), but from Brazil to Paraguay they do not share that information on their websites.

It's funny as much as I stalk etc... that I am not the least bit worried about him arriving, his safety, or his luggage (which I have heard often gets lost on that last transfer).  I have so much peace and joy in my heart right now, my cup is totally full!!!

I can't wait to hear from him on P-day (when ever that is for him now???) !!!

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