Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is the place..,.

Girls Camp.... always a summer highlight for me.
Each year I think I might not get to be involved, and will be home knitting and canning for the summer... but not this year!
I am submersed in it again, and I love every minute of it.
I was able to plea with my new boss over the time off, and it worked out well for me.  He could either give me the time off, or he could "do" girls camp.  It wasn't really an ultimatum, since he is my Bishop... just reality, so I didn't have to do much arm twisting at all.

So last Saturday, I went with some friends up to see the spot we picked last September when I didn't have any idea what girls camp would look like this year.

 When we arrived there were lots of nice improvements to the campsite.   Gravel in camp to cut down on the dust.
And dutch oven tables.
 I big huge grill.
 Benches and tables, and a nice fire pit area.
 I was so grateful for these guys to take me along... we could have winged it, but I like to have a plan in my head and visualize the spot when I am planning.
 Horseshoes anyone?
 The pit stop area...
 I think it will fit really nice.
 While we were in the area, he went to check on a job at Lake McCall before we came home.  It was so pretty!  I just wanted to stay.
But I needed to rush back home and see how my boys did... they were in charge of going to buy the missionaries white clothing.  I wanted to go with him to do this, but decided with all we had going on, it would be okay for his Dad to be with him and experience it and bond and all that.  He was excited to show me what he got, and they had a great time doing it together... I am going to have to cut the umbilical chord soon anyway, might as well start letting go a little at a time now.  He is a really smart kid, and I know we have taught him well, and he can find his way in the world just fine.   It's just hard not to watch him from under my feet to just over my shoulder to at an arms length, but rather from a distance now.

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Donna Lynn said...

Wow...what a great area. It would be nice if you included a "something to enhance the site" further as a thank you. Giving back while you are there. I know you have a full agenda but if one of the things they are planning ahead of time is a small enhancement project then they will be absorbed in leaving it a better place before they arrive and maybe not have some of the issues as in past years. Just a thought.

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