Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nervous Nellie...

Last night we went to a birthday BBQ and there were lots of kids there, so they had the trampoline set up for them to play on.
I hate this about myself, but immediately after arriving... I scoped out the trampoline and see directly next to it a cement pad, with re bar sticking up out of it... only about a foot away.  Parents on one side of the yard, all these kids playing on the other... Oh dear, I was "Nervous Nellie" for a while.  
I have never seen a kid impaled by re bar, but I certainly didn't want to any time soon either.

So I tried to do picture games with them... and have them jump on one leg.  Or do silly faces.  It seemed to slow down the wild and crazy jumping with the mix of Big and Little kids on at the same time.

Then someone had a bright idea to take turns, Big kids, then Little kids.  It was torture for them, but sure did make it where I could settle down some and have fun.
I did learn at some point in the parent game that it was okay for the kids to get hurt, they learn their limitations and develop skills etc.
But I am still very protective and don't like to see accidents or injuries all for the sake of a lesson learned.  But that's just me.
Then my camera died... I brought it back to life for one quick photo and then it really died.

As soon as the candles on the cake were blown out... Aiden was honed in on the chocolate cake.  He followed him around as he turned and walked away with the cake.  Then he finally sat down with it, and Aiden was right by his side, not saying a thing, just watching to see where that chocolate cake would end up?
We finally coaxed "Uncle Gary" into letting him lick the bottom of the candles.  Ummmm.  He knew he would love them.
It was just so funny, you can see the sure but timid look on his face and how he is holding his hands...waiting and waiting for that chocolate cake!
Good instinct Aiden... I love chocolate cake too!

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