Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laurels Camp...

Bitter Sweet... this week our Stake had a camp for the "laurels" 16-18 year old girls in the youth group.  This is the group I am currently working with and I was invited to go with them.  It is a little different than "girls camp", more mature, more spiritual, more devotionals, more girl talk, time with the Stake Presidency and their wife's, and learning about things specific to that age group.  It's a really special camp.  Plus this year they were going horse back riding, and zip lining, and there was a babbling creek (well it all sounded inticing to me)... I was really bummed not to get to be with them.  But the job needed to come first this time.  The good news, they will come home all pumped up and ready to run our girls camp in July! 
I can't wait to hear all about their week!

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