Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Nice Car"...

I told Jim since I have been driving the new car around more,
it feels like people are looking and gaulking at it all the time.
It really stands out in such a small kind of farm-ish town.
There just aren't too many sports type cars around.
I really can't hide and it's kind of embarrassing for me at times.

He really wasn't listening to me.
So when I was following behind a slow bus, I noticed the kids in the back of the bus making hand signals which often happens... those kids will do anything to get some attention, and way in the back of the bus, they can usually get away with it.  But usually they are quite negative, even raunchy!  So I might be found ignoring them most of the time.
Well this time, I glanced up and saw four of them in unison giving me thumbs up...  and making the "heart" shaped symbol with their hands and pointing at me.
So I began to pay attention and gave a thumbs up back to them, while we were stopped at a light.
Hoping once I acknowledged them, they would quit... I got the message, cute, but kind of embarrassing.
And I wanted it to stop as to end on a good note and not turn into something naughty after I had acknowledged them.
But then they held up this sign.
So I grabbed my camera from the seat beside me (still stopped at the red light) and snapped the shot.... which finally ended this odd communication with them high five'ing each other and breaking out in laughter.  LOL, so funny!

(Nice Car)
So if you are trying to get the kids in the back of the bus to quit trying to communicate with you.. just take their picture... they love it!

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HeidiT said...

HAHAHA, that is too funny. And I love that you had your handy dandy camera right there and ready to go. And you better believe that you have gotten the "nice car" comment from my hubby a time or two also when we've seen it in the church parking lot :)

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